A Perfectly Round Smartphone Inspired by a Pocket Watch

We’ve seen smartphones of all shapes and sizes over the last few years, but the new Runcible smartphone is truly one-of-a-kind. This device, inspired by a classic pocket watch, is round and designed for people who don’t want to be on their phones at all times.

The Runcible made its debut at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. It operates on FireFox OS, which means it will not have access to many of the apps written exclusively for Android and Apple iOS. This may turn off some of the tech-savvy shoppers of the modern world, but they are not the phone’s target market.

The phone is made by Monohm, a company based in Berkeley, California. They aim to create “heirloom electronics” for people who want a more refined, tasteful phone to carry in their pockets. The phone does not have loud alarms for messages or other notifications, so it won’t “interrupt” your day like some phones.

Runcible’s parts can be removed, repaired, and upgraded, so it can be used for years, unlike many popular phones which typically become obsolete in a short amount of time. 

In addition to making phone calls, the Runcible can also take pictures, send texts and surf the Web. Apps will be customized for the round display so users can edit photos on the go. Overall, though, the designers want this piece to be more of a keepsake.

“Runcible is the alternative to the increasingly invasive and commodified smartphone whose app-centric approach distracts us from our lives instead of helping us live them,” said Aubrey Anderson, CEO and co-founder of Monohm, in a statement.

The phone is not available for purchase at this time, but interested buyers may sign up for pre-order notifications on Monohm’s website.

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