How to Pay Long Distance Phone Bills

Long distance phone plans can save you money on your overall phone bill, but only if you pay them on time. Late fees and reconnection services can quickly add up, so it’s important for you to pay your bills when they are due. The guide below explains how to pay long distance phone bills so you can keep your service active.

Know What You Owe

Some long distance phone companies send bills in the mail, but a lot of them have moved to paperless billing. In this case, you will get a bill in your email account, or you will get an email containing a link to your account. You need to analyze your bill to see what you owe for the month. You will have a total somewhere on your bill, and you will also have a breakdown of the charges to review. You can look over that breakdown for your reference and ask about any items in question. In most cases though, you will just need to pay whatever the total due is at the time.

Know When to Pay

Somewhere on your bill, there will be a due date that you need to abide by. This will be the same every month, so you can start to get an idea of when you need to pay your bills. Some bill payment options take a few days to process, so you will need to allot for that time when you go to pay your bill. If your check takes two days to clear and your bill is due on the 15th, you need to get it to the phone company before the 13th. Be sure to allocate enough time for the bill to get through the mail system.

You might have a grace period for your phone bill, which you can rely on for emergencies. If you know you are going to be late on your phone payment, contact the phone company to see if they can grant an extension. Some may work with you if you give them a set date that you will pay.

Online Bill Payments

Paying long distance phone bills online is easy, quick and hassle free. Your phone company will have a website on which you can create an account. Once that is set up, you can look at your bill online. You can either set up an auto-payment schedule or make a one-time payment online.

Some phone companies will allow you to use credit cards to pay bills, and others require bank account information. Either way, you can submit a payment with your chosen method of payment and your account will instantly be paid. It may take a few days for the charges to show up on your card or bank account, but your phone bill will be listed as paid.

Mail-in Phone Payments

If you are going to mail in your phone payment, you need to know where to send it. Paper bills usually come with prepaid envelopes that you can use. If you do not receive a bill in the mail or do not have a prepaid envelope, you will need to contact the phone company to learn which address to send money. You might also want to ask what kind of payment methods you can use: cash, check or money order. Certain phone companies are particular about what they accept.

If the phone bill is particularly high, you might want to go into the post office to get a tracking number for your letter. This will let you know where your money is at all times. If you are only paying a few dollars for the month, that may not be a big deal. Just contact the phone company after three or four days and see if your payment has been posted onto your account.

In-Person Phone Payments

If you have the luxury of a local office for your long distance phone company, you could go inside to pay your phone bill. This, like an online payment, will let your payment show up instantly. If you have to use more than one method of payment to cover your bill, going into the office will be the ideal solution for you.

Think over the different ways to make long distance phone payments, and you’ll be able to pay your phone bills with ease.

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