Patents Surface on Innovative Facebook Smartphone

Industry analysts have tried to follow Facebook’s development of a smartphone, but the company has kept a tight lid on the product’s details. However, a patent has now emerged which reveals some information about the Facebook phone.

Facebook has been working on the phone since 2011. The smartphone will have touchscreens on its sides in addition to its front fascia. The touchpads may respond through gesture recognition, reacting to different motions in different ways.

Another version of the patent has large buttons on the sides and backs of the phones, which may allow users to navigate through their phones by tapping areas beyond the front screen. These taps may help the user access friends, photos or possibly the Facebook news feed.

One of the patents that Facebook filed in 2011 is for a “Mobile Device with Concave Shaped Back Side.” This shape is supposed to reduce the chances of people accidentally brushing up against the back touchpad on the phone.

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