Nintendo to Release Smartphone App in 2015

Nintendo fans may soon have something new to celebrate as the company plans to expand its influence beyond the video game market. In a question and answer session regarding the company’s recent financials, Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, said the company is working on a smartphone app to be launched next year.

There is not a lot of information out about the app at this time. Iwata mentioned the company will be using Mii avatars for the app. Nintendo originally planned to launch the app this year, but decided to take additional time to further develop the product.

Despite the excitement generated with this announcement, it should be noted that Nintendo has previously announced a Miiverse app for smartphones, but that idea never came to fruition.

Earlier this year, Iwata said the company was working on an application that was “capable of attracting consumer attention and communicating the value of our entertainment offerings.”

Iwata admitted it was embarrassing that the Nintendo website is not optimized for smartphones. He said plans are underway to change that by the end of the year.

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