Nexpaq Modular Case Offers Interchangable Add-ons for Smartphones

Startup Nexpaq has created a modular smartphone case to enhance many popular smartphones and phablets already on the market. Some analysts compare this to Google’s Project Ara phones which could be introduced later this year, but this is a case that works with existing devices.

The case provides six slots for interchangeable add-ons, and there are currently 12 modules that can be used, including:

•    Laser pointer
•    Hotkeys
•    Battery booster
•    SD card reader
•    Breathalyzer
•    Super LED flashlight
•    Amplified speaker
•    Thermometer/hygrometer
•    Air quality tester
•    Backup storage
•    USB flash drive
•    Dummy (fills empty slot)

These modules range in price from $3 to $29, depending on how expensive they are to create. There are also various bundles available, with prices based on the number of modules they include and the type of phones on which they are used.

The Kickstarter campaign for the case only provides options for the iPhone 6, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S5, but there will be more models to come once the makers know which phones to prioritize. Modules can be swapped between different phone models, so people can easily exchange add-ons and put them on other devices in the future.

The idea for the modular case originated in 2013, but the Kickstarter campaign did not come out until last month. According to the timeline on the campaign, the module developer kit is expected to be introduced in August, followed by the beta case in November and the final version in January of 2016.

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