Mozilla to Launch a $25 Smartphone

$25 for a smartphone sounds almost too good to be true. But that is the plan with a new phone from Mozilla.

Mozilla is best known for creating the web browser Firefox, but they also have worked to create a mobile operating system called Firefox OS. The reason this operating system is not on the market yet is because Mozilla feared that Andiod and iOS users would not be willing to convert to Mozilla’s up and coming platform.

What did they decide to do instead? Create a whole new group of smartphone users.

Mozilla’s smartphone is expected to cost $25, and it will still feature app capabilities and basic functions that we have come to expect. Until app developers get on board with Firefox OS though, the options on this phone will be limited.

The inexpensive smartphone will be sold in emerging markets like Indonesia and India where “feature phones” still dominate the industry. At $25, Mozilla’s phone will be able to compete with feature phones, and customers will be excited to upgrade.

The only issue with launching a phone on these networks is the fact that the infrastructure is not there to properly run smartphones in high volume. If customers start complaining about a lack of connectivity, Mozilla could face a difficult hurdle.

There is currently no official release date for Mozilla’s smartphone.

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