Smartphone Growth Skyrocketing Among Millennials

A new Nielsen report says Millennials are the largest age group of smartphone owners in America, and their numbers continue to grow each year. While this may not come as a shock, the growth rate for Millennials using smartphones is greater than expected.

By the second quarter of 2014, 85% of adults ages 18 to 24 owned a smartphone, as did 86% of those ages 25 to 34 did. Those numbers have increased from 77% and 80%, respectively, over this time last year.

Nielsen says 52% of U.S. smartphones run on an Android operating system, while Apple iOS accounts for a 42.7% of the market. This is true even with the recent launch of the iPhone 6, expected to boost Apple’s sales, at least temporarily.

The Nielsen report did not say how many Millennials use Android devices. But research from comScore earlier this year indicated 50% of Millennials used Android devices, compared to 44% who used Apple.

Neither report gave insight as to why Android continues to dominate the market, but it could be the cost of the smartphones. There are high-end Android devices on the market, but also a number of low-end smartphones that run on Android OS. Most iPhones remain in the upper tiers of the pricing structure, sometimes out of reach for budget savvy Millennials.

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