Microsoft Aims to Significantly Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Most of us are used to having to charge our smartphones at least once a day, but what if your phone’s battery could last a full week without having to plug in? That is Microsoft’s new goal.

Instead of trying to improve the batteries themselves, Microsoft is striving to make smartphones and smartphone apps use battery power more efficiently.

“You can’t just wait for the best battery technology to come along. We can make a lot of progress because systems today don’t use battery intelligently,” lead researcher Ranveer Chandra told the MIT Technology Review.

One way that Microsoft plans to improve smartphone battery life is by allowing phones to have two lithium batteries. One battery will be reserved for times when the phone needs a constant stream of power, such as when someone is playing a game. The other will be used to trickle power to the device when the phone is idle.

This project is still in its research stages, but it does have promising appeal for the future. There are other plans to create software known as E-Loupe, which will target apps that use a lot of power and slow them down as needed.

For now, it looks like we are all stuck charging our phones every night before we go to bed. In the future though, we may be able to get back to the days of those old Nokia phones that could last for days if left unattended.

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