Meet NoPhone, The Pacifier for Smartphone Addicts

Are you looking for a way to get over the addiction to your smartphone?

How about putting a phone-like piece of hard plastic in your pocket to trick your brain into thinking you have your phone? That is exactly what you will get if you purchase a NoPhone.

NoPhone is a Kickstarter project that fulfills an interesting void in the market. The device is designed to be the same size, texture and weight of a smartphone, but it is made from dense black plastic. Carrying around this piece of useless plastic will make you think you have a smartphone so you won’t become nervous thinking you are without your phone.

NoPhone’s Kickstarter page describes the device as a “technology-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact that allows you to stay connected with the real world.”

The phone surrogate also comes with a “selfie upgrade,” which is just a mirror that you can attach to the front of the device.

While this mainly seems like a joke, there is some merit behind the idea. Smartphone addiction is a growing problem, and addictions are usually nothing more than a chain of bad habits. You may be able to use a device like this to pacify your need to have a phone in your hand at all times.

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Lynn Oldshue is a PR professional who has worked with the Birmingham Zoo, Coca – Cola , the Alabama Theatre, and the Saenger Theatre. She has covered personal finance issues for 10 years. Lynn can be contacted at [email protected]