Meerkat Live Video Streaming Available on Android, Facebook

Fans of the Meerkat app now have a new way to put their live video streams on Twitter. The company has officially launched an Android version of their program, well ahead of Twitter’s Periscope.

Periscope and Meerkat both aim to give users the opportunity to stream live videos from their phones onto their Twitter feeds. Periscope is a Twitter product, but Meerkat usually beats Periscope to market. When the apps were launched on iOS, Meerkat came out well before Periscope, and now the same is happening with the Android version.

Even though the current form of the Meerkat Android app is considered a beta version, it does not have many limitations. It can be used on just about every Android device, and it provides the same core services as the iOS version.

An addition that may be even more significant than the Android support is the adaptation of the Meerkat app for Facebook. This is currently only available for iOS users, but it gives them a chance to put their videos on yet another social media stream.

The Facebook addition was introduced last Saturday, and existing users can take advantage of it by simply updating the app on their phones. Facebook support should be available for Android once the app comes out of its beta test.

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