Why Should I Use Long Distance vs. Cellular?

Ever since cellular phones hit the market, traditional long distance phones have taken a back seat in the world of communication. People do not see the need for long distance plans if they can just use their cell phones to call people in other towns. If you have been asking yourself, “Why should I use long distance versus cellular?”, you may want to consider the benefits that come along with long distance services.

Low Costs

Think about how often you make long distance calls. If you make more than a couple long distance calls a month, you may need to pay for a lot of extra minutes on your cellular plan. Instead of doing that, you could either pay per minute on your landline or order an unlimited plan that enables you talk as much as you want to anyone in the country. Compare the costs side by side and a long distance plan may be cheaper for you.

Reliable Connection

How many times have you been in the middle of an important phone call, only to have your cell phone lose connection? You can lose connection almost anywhere, even if you sit in the same position for a long period of time. Landlines have much stronger connections, and they work without the use of cell phone towers. While there is still a slight chance that you will lose your landline call, the chance is much greater that you will lose your cellular call. If you want a reliable connection that will last as long as you need it to, landline services are the way to go.

Clearer Communication

Long distance calls are not always clear on a cell phone. Since landline connections are much stronger, you will have an easier time hearing the person on the other end. This is particularly important if you want to communicate with a relative who cannot hear or speak well. The stronger your phone call is, the better the quality of your call will be.

Emergency Services

Some cell phones may not be tracked as easily by 9-1-1 as a landline. They do not have addresses registered to them because you can be located almost anywhere. With a landline though, you don’t necessarily have to give out your address to get emergency services to come to your home. Just call 9-1-1 and make a noise. The operator can look up your address. This may not relate to long distance calls per se, but it does illustrate the need for landlines as a whole. If you already have a phone like this in your home, you may want to include a long distance plan.


The chance of any of your phone calls being secure and private is much greater with a landline. This certainly applies to your long distance calls.


While there is a convenience factor that comes with having a cell phone to call long distance, that could be outweighed by the immense benefits that come with landline long distance plans. The key is to find a plan that is going to save you money and provide you with the quality service you need. Why should you use long distance over cellular service? Because it works and it may not cost you a fortune. Test it out for a month and you’ll see that for yourself. Use SaveOnPhone.com to compare long distance plans, and you will have long distance phone service you can count on.

About John Oldshue

John Oldshue is the creator of SaveOnPhone.com. He worked for over 15 years in television and won an Emmy award for his reporting. He covers long distance and cell phone topics for SaveOnPhone.