New LG Phone to Have Laser Autofocus Camera

The newest smartphone being introduced by LG will be the first one on the market with laser autofocus. The camera in the new LG G3 will take faster, more precision photos than any other phone in the industry, according to the Korean hardware maker.

The company claims the phone only needs 276 milliseconds to focus. Laser autofocus cuts down on the time it takes a phone to go from a shutter click to an actual stored photo.

Until now, the iPhone has been the dominant brand when it comes to superior phone cameras, but LG is aiming to take a leadership position. The new camera in the G3 is said to come with optical image stabilization from Korea.

The rear camera on the G3 will come with a 13MP sensor, while the front-facing camera will have a 2.1MP camera. The camera will recognize when you are taking a selfie if you clench your fist in front of it.

The phone will come with a 5.5-inch display and have a pixel-per-inch count of 538.

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