Key Apps Backfire by Helping Thieves Duplicate Keys

A new app known as KeyMe is under fire because it makes it easier for thieves to duplicate keys. While the original intent of the app was to help people get backup keys for their homes and cars, the program is now being used for more malicious purposes.

With the KeyMe app, a person can scan and store your house or car keys on a cloud. So, if you ever lost your key, or you wanted to share your key with a friend, you could easily have it duplicated.

A person can take a photo of a key with a smartphone and send it to a local locksmith for duplication. The key will then be ready for immediate pickup or delivery. What started out as a good idea in theory has turned into an opportunity for thieves to get duplicate keys made for homes, mailboxes, and even cars they want to steal.

The fact of the matter is that the app works too well. It creates exact lock codes that mimic the codes used in key making machines, so people can get the precise key they need to commit a crime.

A local news station in New York tested the program by taking a photo of a reporter’s keys while she was in the work room. For just $10, they were able to pick up an exact replica of the key at a local locksmith.

KeyMe isn’t the only app like this that poses a problem. KeysDuplicated and KeySave are two others that operate in similar ways.

In order to avoid being a victim of these apps, try to keep your keys on you at all times. Be careful who you loan your keys to, and watch out for suspicious activity around your property.

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