This Keychain Will Charge Your Smartphone

Tired of bringing bulky phone chargers to work in order to keep your smartphone juiced? A solution may be found in a simple $19 keychain that can charge a phone through any USB port.

The device, manufactured by TOCCS, is known as the Snap Cable. It is available in sky blue or jet black, and is about the same size as any other keychain. There are separate keychains available for Apple and Android devices, but they each cost $19.

The Snap Cable has a simple design, featuring a standard USB connector on one side and a charging connector on the other. The body is made from lightweight plastic, and is only a few inches long. There is a small hole at the top of the cable that allows you to put the device on a keychain. It can be carried anywhere to be used when you need a charge.

ROCCS makes a number of other smartphone accessories, such as an ultra-thin metal case called the Razor and a tiny Bluetooth headset called the Invisible. These items make great stocking stuffers for the smartphone owner.

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