Intel Will Enter Smartphone Market

Intel is a trusted name in computer processors, but the company has yet to stake a claim in the smartphone industry. That is expected to change in the coming year as Intel issues chips for smartphones.

Intel plans to develop new products and innovations for smartphones which would bring down the cost of smartphone chips.

“By November or December, we should be able to set a goal for phones next year. We’ll have at least a half a dozen phone manufacturers,” Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich told PC World. “I don’t think next year will be as constrained.”

Intel will begin shipping a 3G capable chip named Sofia by the end of the year. Then, they plan to release an LTE variant in the early part of next year. There are not a lot of reports yet about which phones will be released with Intel chips, but Samsung is confirmed to be one of the manufacturers.

Intel plans a conservative approach in its smartphone strategy, unlike the aggressive approach it had in the tablet market. The company set a goal of issuing 40 million tablet chips by the end of 2014.

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