India Has Higher Smartphone Usage Than the US

According to a new study from Ericsson, people in India use their phone throughout the day more often than people in the United States.

The study showed consumers in India spend an average of 3 hours 18 minutes a day using their smartphones. Approximately one-third of that time is spent on apps. In the past two years, India has seen a 63% increase in app usage.

“India has higher smartphone usage compared to even the U.S., where the average is 132 minutes (2 hours 12 minutes). In some of the Asian countries, it ranges between 40-50 minutes,” said Ajay Gupta, Ericsson’s Vice President of Strategy and Marketing in India.

Participants in the study checked their phones an average of 77 times a day. Over one-quarter (26%) of the respondents said they check their phones more than 100 times a day.

“Smartphone usage is now no longer limited to just social media and chat apps,” said Gupta. “People are using mobile apps like WhatsApp and WeChat for business purposes, while many working professionals said they shop online using smartphones even while at work.”

The Ericsson Consumer Lab study included 4,000 smartphone users in 18 urban cities in India.

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