HTC to Launch First Smartwatch and New M9 Smartphone

After staying out of the wearables market, HTC may finally be releasing a smartwatch for its loyal fans. The company is expected to reveal this watch and its next flagship smartphone – the M9 – at the Mobile World Congress in March.

At this time, there is not much information about the new wearable. It is expected to feature Under Armour’s latest fitness software, which will work with the new Record app that keeps track of fitness results through the device.

HTC was expected to launch a smartwatch in 2014, but the release was delayed because executives felt it just wasn’t ready for the market.

The M9 smartphone is a successor to the well-loved M8, and it is said to feature a 20MP rear facing camera, an eight core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and an UltraPixel front facing camera. Other rumors about the phone suggest it will have Dolby audio technology and HTC’s newest interface, the Sense 7.

Details about the devices’ pricing and availability are not yet available. HTC finally posted a profitable quarter last year after three consecutive losses, and these new devices may help revive the company even further.

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