HTC Introduces Waterproof Selfie Camera

In an effort to boost sales and improve its profit margins, HTC is looking to branch away from smartphone manufacturing. The company recently announced the development of a selfie-driven camera made for taking pictures underwater.

While the concept of taking a selfie underwater may only hit a small niche of users, the selfie camera could have strong potential. The device, known as Re Camera, will cost $199, and will weigh about as much as a large egg. The camera is wrapped in a tube shape that looks similar to the breathing end of a snorkel. There is a button in the bend that is used for snapping photos.

In addition to the Re Camera, HTC plans to launch a new smartphone later this month called Desire Eye. The phone will cost about $500 and will be available on the AT&T network. It has a 5.2 inch screen and 13MP cameras on the front and rear of the phone.

Gartner analyst C.K. Lu told The Wall Street Journal that HTC’s profit growth is more likely to come from new smartphone sales than it is non-smartphone products.

“HTC is showing improvement in its midprice smartphone offerings, which were formerly a weakness for the company. HTC could see a sales recovery in the first quarter next year as its midprice line becomes more competitive.”

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