Google’s Project Ara Modular Smartphone May Be Introduced in Puerto Rico

The Project Ara smartphone, a modular device that has interchangeable parts, has been in the planning stages at Google for quite some time. Project Ara gives people the opportunity to build their own smartphone, containing the exact components they wish to include.

The company may be releasing the phone in Puerto Rico later this year.

The Ara smartphone is built with approximately nine modules that can be taken out, upgraded or switched at any time. The frame that holds these modules is built to last five or six years with regular use.

There are more than 20 different modules to choose from on the phone, including cameras, speakers, Wi-Fi modules, upgraded processors and storage. These modules give consumers the opportunity to upgrade their devices without having to purchase an entirely new phone. Each module is held in with magnets, can it can easily be switched at any time.

Google has not yet revealed the price of the phone, but it should be introduced in Puerto Rico some time this year. This is a trial run for Project Ara that could ultimately bring it to the United States.

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