Google Workshop Offers Custom Smartphone Cases

Google is rumored to be working on a new tool that will allow users to create their own custom phone cases and live wallpapers. The program is currently known as Google Workshop, and it is targeted for the Nexus 5 phone.

With Google Workshop, users have the opportunity to make their phone cases look exactly the way they desire. Want a picture of your child as your phone case? No problem. Want to see your dog as live wallpaper when you open your phone? You may soon be able to do so.

Currently, the customization spawns from two basic options: MapMe and Moments. As the name suggests, MapMe creates cases and live wallpapers based on a location of your choice. Moments is a tool that allows you to bring personal photos to life on your smartphone.

While this is all currently a work in progress, Google Workshop does show great potential for the future. Up until now, the search engine turned smartphone developer has been a little lacking in the world of smartphone accessories, but this could begin to set Google apart from the crowd.

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