Google Requiring Android Logo on Devices During Boot-up

People who own Droid phones have no problems identifying Android as their operating systems, but those who have other phones on the same platform often have no idea who the geniuses were that made their phones function. Google is tired of being ignored, and they have decided to do something about it.

Now, all smartphones running on an Android OS will be required to have a “Powered by Android” logo on their startup screen. This will mainly impact HTC and Samsung phones which have limited acknowledgement of the Android market.

Technically, the phones are still able to run on the Android OS without the logo. But those phones would not allow users access to Gmail, Google Play and other features that make Android phones so desirable. In a way, Google is forcing the phone companies to give them a little credit.

A question remains as to when and how long the logo will need to display on the startup screen. Can it show up for a split second, or does it need to be on for the entire boot-up process?

Watch for new smartphones as they hit the market, and you will see a bigger Android marketing push.

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