Google May Become a Mobile Carrier

Rumor has it that Google may be looking to develop its own cell phone network in the future. This would expand Google’s already extensive stronghold on the world of technology.

The new wireless network would be available in areas that have access to the Google Fiber network. This could pose a problem as that network is not that large yet. Customers in major metropolitan areas might be able to use their phones in town, but they may have trouble using it outside those cities.

Other rumors suggest that Google will work off other major phone carriers, like Verizon and AT&T, by becoming a mobile virtual network operator. This means that they will resell access to those networks to customers, utilizing Google phones.

If this becomes a reality, Google may work to expand its Internet and TV services to more cities in the country. Right now, Google Fiber is available in Kansas City, MO; Provo, UT; and Austin, TX. There are plans to expand this to Phoenix, AZ; Nashville, TN; San Jose, CA; Atlanta, GA; Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, NC; San Antonio, TX; and Portland, OR.

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