Google Launching a Smartphone for under $100

Google will launch a smartphone for under $100 in India this fall. The phone is designed to get Google technology in the hands of people who do not have access to the Internet.

The new $100 smartphones will be called Android One, and they will feature a 4.5-inch screen, an SD memory card slot, dual SIM card slots and an FM radio. They will be a little more simplistic than current Android devices, but they are sure to offer a lot of technology for the price point.

Google eventually plans to provide this phone in other emerging economies where people are in need of a consistent Internet connection.

There are already over one billion people around the world using Android software on their phones.

In response to these statistics, Sundar Pichai, leader of Google’s Android division, told Google’s I/O Conference, “Our goal is to reach the next five billion people in the world. In India and other countries like that, it’s disappointing that less than 10 percent of the population have access to smartphones.”

Google has also made a set of smartphone “reference designs” for manufacturers. They have already had several other companies create phones based on those designs, including Indian manufacturer MicroMax.

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