Google To Introduce Android Powered Smartwatch

In an effort to beat Apple, Google unveiled the design for their new “smartwatch” known as Android Wear with a blogpost last week. This wristwatch utilizes the Android operating system to effectively turn a small watch into a wearable computer for the modern world.

Apple has been working on a wristwatch based on their iOS operating system for some time. By releasing the information about Android Wear, Google is trying to get its product on the market before Apple has a chance to take over.

The new smartwatch will be capable of operating a variety of mobile apps, similar to its larger counterparts. Users may be able to receive the latest updates from their social media apps. In addition, the smartwatch utilizes Google’s voice recognition technology, allowing consumers to perform such tasks as calling a taxi or making a restaurant reservation.

Some programmers are hesitant to suggest how many apps will be available for Android Wear because the Android operating system is harder to build programs for than iOS.

Android Wear may only be the first of a series of wearable smartdevices in the coming years. The Gartner research firm estimates that this will turn into a $10 billion market by 2016.

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