Google Glass Now Syncs Photos to Your Smartphone

Google Glass users are amped about the latest update to the MyGlass app for Android devices. The update allows photos taken with Google Glass to instantly sync to your device so you can quickly share them with your friends.

Google Glass currently backs up the photos on Google+, but it limits the amount of sharing options you have from the smartwear. With this update, you can share your photos with your friends and family through whatever means are available on your phone. It’s as if you took the pictures with your phone all along.

It may seem like Glass is losing some of its appeal by blending into smartphones and tablets. But this option might actually improve user experience as a whole.

“If it enhances the user experience, we want to make sure those experiences can extend to other platforms regardless of whether it’s iPhone, Android or desktop,” said Steve Lee, Glass product management director. “When it comes to photo editing–cropping, filtering, etc.–that’s clearly easier on a phone.”

Google Glass is not available on a widespread basis yet, but it will be in the near future. The Beta version is available for purchase online, but the price point is close to $1,400. If you try to buy one on eBay or Amazon, you could pay twice that much. Once the price comes down though, users are sure to have a myriad of options with the MyGlass app.

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