Google Gives Out DIY Smartphone Virtual Reality Headsets

Google gave a unique gift to everyone who attended its developers conference last week: a DIY virtual reality headset kit using cardboard and an Android smartphone.

The kit is fairly simple. The cardboard folds up to look like a set of goggles, and has a slot for a phone to go into in front of the eye holes. You download special software to your phone to make the “virtual” a “reality.” The holes on the goggles have special lenses inside which make the objects on the phone appear to be in 3D.

Google had some help coming up with this idea. The Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California has been working on the idea of using smartphones for virtual reality since 2011. The latest version of their headsets are made of plastic and can be made from any 3D printer. They are incredibly cheap to make, just like Google’s version.

Virtual reality is predicted to have a huge impact in the future. Rather than going out to explore the world, you will be able to sit back and let the world come to you. With innovations like these DIY virtual reality headsets, the virtual world might be closer than you think.

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