Google Creating Android OS for Cars

Google is currently working on a new version of its Android OS that will be built directly into cars. The OS will allow drivers to use the Internet in their automobiles without having to touch their smartphones.

Google is not the only company to come up with this idea. Apple Car Play is already on the market. Nevertheless, it will be the first time the Android OS will be featured in car dashboards, and it could be a profitable move for the company.

Dubbed “Android Auto,” this new system would put a smartphone-like interface directly on a car’s dashboard so users can stream music, apps and maps directly from their phones. Simply plug in the device to the screen, and Android Auto will put select information on display to use while driving.

The program will not open games and other sources of distraction that would deter from a driver’s attention from the road. With the integrated maps feature though, all users could have navigation in their cars regardless of what their standard equipment may be. Android Auto would also provide constantly updated maps, which may supersede the outdated navigational discs currently in some automobiles.

Android Auto is expected to premiere in 2015, along with the release of the Android M.

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