Flyp App Offers Multiple Phone Numbers for a Smartphone

Ever wish you could have more than one number for your smartphone so you could give a different number to your friends than you do your business contacts? That may now be a possibility with the upcoming Flyp app.

By using Flyp, you can assign multiple numbers to a single smartphone. This could protect you from giving out your actual number to people you do not know well or may not trust. For instance, if you want to respond to a Craigslist ad or post an ad for an item to sell, you could use one of the extra numbers from Flyp instead of your regular number.

Interested users can “reserve a free number” on the Flyp website by filling out a short form on how they will use the app and what kind of operating system they use. It is not known how much the app will cost or when it will be released for Android and iOS, but it could be an intriguing opportunity for smartphone users of all ages.

Flyp appears to be very similar to Burner, another app offering private phone numbers that users can create on command. That app is already available on Google Play and at the Apple App Store.

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