Feds Aim to End DUIs with This New App

A new app backed by the federal government hopes to put a stop to DUI incidents. The app, known as ENDUI, estimates a person’s blood alcohol content and offers to hail a cab if the user is over the legal limit.

ENDUI was developed by the Maryland Highway Safety Office, thanks to $50,000 in financial support from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Similar apps are also being developed in California, Colorado, New York and New Mexico.

The application is easy to use. A person inputs his weight, height, gender and the number of drinks he’s had, and then the app will calculate the approximate blood-alcohol content. For example, a 130 pound woman who has consumed one glass of wine would have an approximate blood alcohol content of 0.04%. That is within the state’s legal limit, but it is still high enough that the app would offer to call a cab.

In addition to the blood alcohol content estimates, the app offers two interactive games to determine if a person has the appropriate reaction times and cognitive skills to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. The reaction time game involves a brake button on the phone and the simulation of pedestrians and other cars on the street. The cognition game requires users to remember road signs in the order they appear.

The app is available for both Android and Apple phones.

Will people download and use this app? Perhaps. It is nice to know the federal government is trying to curb DUI incidents with the help of your smartphone.

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