Put Emojis on Your Photos with Facebook’s Stickered App

Facebook has released a new app for iOS and Android known as Stickered, which allows users to add “stickers” to their photos and upload them to Facebook or Facebook Messenger. The stickers are mostly in the form of emojis, cartoons, and bold text, and they can be placed anywhere on the photo.

The new Stickered app enables stickers to be put on photos that already exist on your phone or ones you want to take with your phone’s camera through the app. This idea is nothing new, of course, but it is becoming a trend on Facebook.

With more than 10 billion Facebook messages sent every day, there could be a huge demand for such a Facebook-compatible program. There are hundreds of sticker choices, and they can be stretched, rotated or shrunk before being applied to a photo. Users can decide which friends they want to see their new photos when they click on the Messenger icon.

Facebook Creative Labs, which developed Stickered, has come up with a number of new apps in the last year, such as Facebook Paper, Slingshot, Mentions, Rooms and Groups. The team also created a separate messaging app that directs users away from the main app when they want to chat with one another, a controversial move that has not pleased some users.

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