New Facebook App Feature Can Spy on You at Home

A new feature in Facebook’s mobile app gives your phone permission to spy on you at select times. That’s right–with the click of a button, you could set up your phone to eavesdrop on you.

Believe it or not, this new system is actually designed to benefit you in the long run. With the app’s feature, you can enable your phone to tune into the TV shows you watch and the music you listen to so you can share that information with your friends. The app will not automatically listen in, and the makers say it will not store any of the sounds it hears. It just uses them as a reference point.

The Facebook app feature cannot listen to background noises. It can only listen to the music or shows you want it to. It will also only send out statuses and share information after you manually ask it to, saving you the embarrassment of a shared secret.

The new feature uses the microphones that are built into our phones, and it reminds us all just how easy it might be for someone to listen in on what we do. Facebook promises to only use this new technology for good, but we will have to see what is to come in the future.

About Natalie Rutledge

Natalie Rutledge majored in Communications at Mississippi State University. She was in sales for a number of businesses and spent nine years working as a communications advisor. Natalie can be contacted at [email protected]