Ex-Apple CEO Launches His Own Smartphone Line

Former Apple CEO John Sculley has entered the smartphone market, launching a new brand of low-priced phones called Obi Mobiles.

Obi Mobiles are priced between $70 and $200, so they don’t really compete with Apple. They do take on makers like Xiaomi and Lenovo that have made a name for themselves in the low-end phone market.

Sculley says Obi will set itself apart from the competition through distinctive design, creative branding and a global distribution network. Obi phones are powered by the Android operating system.

Obi phones come with high quality audio components and long battery lives to respond to the needs of younger smartphone users.

“We are very focused on the younger (13 to 24 year old) consumers–many may aspire to an iPhone because it’s a beautiful product, but they may not have hundreds of dollars,” said Sculley.

Obi has already recruited several former Apple workers to be on the team, including Robert Brunner, the former director of industrial design at Apple.

Obi phones are currently only available in India and the Middle East, but they will be sold online in Singapore starting today. Obi aims to enter the remainder of Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America by the middle of 2015.

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