Enhance Your Workout with Smartphone Powered Muscle Stimulation

Electronic muscle stimulation is far from new technology, but the makers of SmartMio have found a way to incorporate EMS with smartphones. SmartMio is said to enhance workouts and provide better results for muscle building, all through a simple app and a couple electrodes.

In order to use this wearable muscle stimulator, users place two electrode pads above the muscle group they want to target with their workouts. Then, they plug the electrodes into their smartphones to provide power. Users work with an app on their phone to send electronic pulses to the electrodes, which effectively help build muscle.

“SmartMio is the world’s first wearable and connected electronic muscle stimulator,” claimed Filip Almakov, one of SmartMio’s founders. “It’s controllable by a companion app that has a myriad of pre-set workouts that you can use on the go. We now offer people is the opportunity to take EMS with them wherever they go and train.”

Some products on the market that utilize EMS claim it is a substitute for regular exercise, but SmartMio states quite the contrary. They believe that this technology can enhance fitness regimens and provide significantly better results, but it cannot work purely on its own.

SmartMio is not expected to hit the market until November 2014, but Indiegogo backers can pre-order a unit for $69 online.

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