New Electric Bike Charges Smartphones, Folds in Half, Locks Itself

A new invention known as Gi Bike may be the bicycle for the 21st Century.

Since the bike is electric, you do not have to pedal. The lithium-ion battery enables you to ride approximately 40 miles at a speed close to 15 miles per hour.

Once you reach your destination, the bike has an anti-theft device. It folds in half with the pull of a handle. Once you step more than 10 feet away from the bike, it also locks itself. This makes the bike easier to store, and helps prevent it from being stolen.

Finally, the Gi Bike charges your smartphone while you ride.

“The bike is basically designed to be both electric and foldable with an integrated mobile application to give the experience,” said Eric Sevillia, a founder of Gi Bike.

The founders added a feature that makes the bike easier to ride at fast speeds.

“The bike has pedaling assistance, which means that it gives you assistance while you pedal,” said Sevillia.

The Gi Bike can be pre-ordered beginning June 12, but it will not be inexpensive. The founders have set the price at $3,500. They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to get the funds they need to launch their product throughout the country.

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