Easy Ways to Extend Your iPhone’s Battery

A former Apple employee recently revealed a few helpful tips for extending an iPhone’s battery life. Here are some ways to stop the battery drain that frustrates so many smartphone users:

  1. Disable the Facebook background app. It eats up a tremendous amount of battery life even when you are not using it.
  2. Disable the push email option. This is the function on the phone that allows you to get instant updates when you receive a new email. If you can reconfigure this to work once an hour or a couple times per a day, you will cut back on your battery usage considerably.
  3. Don’t close out of your apps in multitasking. This may theoretically save your battery because it means the apps will no longer be stored in your RAM. They will have to pull up fresh every time.
  4. Enable airplane mode when you have little to no service. This will stop your phone from constantly searching for a signal.
  5. Turn off the battery percentage indicator. This is designed to keep you in the loop about your battery life, but it also drains that battery while it is on.

Follow these suggestions to extend the battery life of your iPhone.

About John Oldshue

John Oldshue is the creator of SaveOnPhone.com. He worked for over 15 years in television and won an Emmy award for his reporting. He covers long distance and cell phone topics for SaveOnPhone.