Being “Connected” after Work Hours Linked to Higher Stress Levels

A new survey from Gallup shows that workers who use remote technology to keep up with their jobs after work experience much higher stress levels than those who do not.

Nearly half of users who said they experienced “a lot of stress yesterday” worked remotely for more than seven hours per week. 48% of users who frequently checked their emails outside of work hours said they experienced high stress levels, compared to 36% for those who never check emails after work. This survey was conducted with a random population of 4,475 working U.S. adults.

An interesting note from Gallup’s research showed that frequent mobile workers consider their lives better and more “thriving” than those who do not work remotely. 63% of users who check their emails frequently outside of work said that their lives were thriving, compared to 54% of users who do not check emails after work.

Perhaps this is a result of a false sense of accomplishment that comes with working remotely. Though people feel stressed by using mobile devices after work, they feel their lives are thriving because of the amount of work they are able to accomplish. In their minds, productivity outweighs the carefree lifestyle.

Employers may be driving employees to work remotely. The Gallup survey showed that 62% of workers whose employers expect them to work outside of the office frequently used their phones and tablets after work. This is almost three times higher than the 23% of workers who work for a company without any such expectations.

Connect the dots, and you’ll see that employers are significantly increasing the stress levels of their employees by expecting them to use remote technology. If you find yourself being drawn into this stressful environment, you may want to unplug yourself for the weekend and reboot. You may become a much happier person in the end.

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