Classic Game Boy Titles May Soon Arrive on Smartphones

If you’re missing those old Game Boy games you used to play as a kid, you may have a new way to enjoy them. Nintendo was recently granted a patent that would allow them to emulate mobile game consoles on smartphones and in-flight entertainment receivers on airplanes.

Emulation is the process of mimicking old software on new hardware to get the same overall effect originally found in the old system. The technology would allow fans of Game Boy to relive their childhood without having to store a number of game cartridges.

While Nintendo has submitted patents before that did not result in any new technology, this is the first time they have tried with smartphones and tablets. The company already provides old titles on their Wii and Wii U consoles, but most of those are for Nintendo 64 games and those that came earlier. Tablets and smartphones can better mimic the feel and function of a classic Game Boy, making this patent a peek into a most-exciting future.

There is no information on when Nintendo might use this patent with its games.

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