Are Cheap Unlimited Cell Phone Plans Worth The Savings?

In an effort to attract new customers, a number of cell phone companies now offer cheap unlimited cell phone plans. These plans fulfill the general need for cellular service without costing a fortune. While there are some perks with these plans, there can also be a lot of pitfalls. Are cheap unlimited cell phone plans worth the savings?

They Are Cheap for a Reason

Cheap unlimited plans are usually priced that way because they lack certain feature. The coverage on the phone might be less extensive, or the type of phones compatible with the service might be limited. You will likely sacrifice a feature or some service with a low-priced cell phone plan. The question is whether the cost savings outweigh that sacrifice.

Smaller Networks

If you travel and need reliable cell phone service on the go, an inexpensive unlimited plan might not be for you. The coverage map for your provider may look like you have access to a great network, but that may not be the case with a low price plan.

Basic Phones

A cheap cell phone plan may only work for a basic phone, one that cannot use the Internet. If the plan does allow you to use smartphones, it may not provide enough Internet coverage to make a smartphone worth the money. Part of your bill will inevitably go to a data package, which could be useless if you do not get proper coverage. These are all factors to keep in mind when considering a cheap wireless plan.

Limited Time Offer

A cheap unlimited phone plan may not be cheap forever. You may be getting a great deal now, but will you still be getting that same attractive deal in a year? Check the terms and conditions for a phone plan carefully to see if there will be a big rate increase in the near future. The temporary savings may not be worth the long term costs.

Customer Service

In some cases, cheap cell phone plans may be provided by a company lacking in customer service. You don’t have to work with a big company but the provider you choose has to be responsive to customer needs. Read reviews online before signing up for any company, especially one that may not be well known.

Unlimited with Restrictions

Yet another factor to keep in mind when considering a cheap unlimited plan is just how “unlimited” it really is. For instance, you might have unlimited calling to mobile numbers, but you may have to pay extra for landline calls. You may have unlimited outgoing texts but you still have to pay for incoming messages. These stipulations could vary from one phone provider to the next.

So, Are Cheap Unlimited Cell Phone Plans Worth the Savings?

Cheap unlimited cell phone plans are worth the savings, but only if they work well for you. If the sacrifices you have to make for this plan are greater than the money you’ll save, the affordability factor loses its value. If the terms and features of the phone plan work for you, then you should take advantage of the cheaper plan. Just make sure the bills are going to remain inexpensive for an extended period of time before committing to the plan.

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