Make Your Cell Phone Last Longer

Want to get the most life out of your cell phone? There are some things you can do to help make your phone last longer and work better over time.

  • Don’t get caught up in the latest and greatest trends. Wait to buy a new phone after it has been out for a while so you can read the consumer reviews. Ideally, you could buy a used phone to save yourself even more money.
  • Get a replacement, not an upgrade. If you maintain insurance on your phone, you may qualify for a new or “certified like new” device through your extended warranty. This will give you a brand new phone to use when your current one malfunctions, and it may not cost you anything.
  • Fix problems early on. If you see a crack on your screen, get it replaced right away. If you notice an issue with the way the phone functions, fix that, too. The longer you don’t address a problem, the more damage it may cause your device.
  • Always use a case on your phone with a screen protector. This will minimize the shock impact when you drop or bump the device.
  • Trade in your phone for a new one. This could cut down on your out of pocket expenses when you go to get a new phone.

Follow the tips above, and you will be able to make your cell phone last as long as possible.

About John Oldshue

John Oldshue is the creator of He worked for over 15 years in television and won an Emmy award for his reporting. He covers long distance and cell phone topics for SaveOnPhone.