T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan

Editor Rating:
Most Attractive: T-Mobile pays up to $650 to switch to them
Least Attractive: Limited size network and paltry data allowances
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Plan Details:

  • Unlimited Cost: $50 per month for unlimited talk, text and 500 mb of high speed data
  • 4G Compatible: Yes
  • Contract: No
  • How much data: 500MB
  • Underlying Carrier: T-Mobile Network

Phone Details:

  • Bring your own device: Yes
  • Types of Phones: Android, Apple

Our Opinion:

The T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan is an unlimited plan for voice, text and data. T-Mobile is one of the big 4 cell phone carriers but is always trying to play catch-up to Verizon and AT&T . Their network is more limited in size than the other carriers, but also less congested. T-Mobile is trying to compete with the big guys with some creative pricing. They are currently offering up to $650 per line to switch to help cover early termination fees. They switched to a no-contract pre-paid model for all of their plans. With the  T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan, customers get unlimited voice minutes and text messaging and can choose 500 MB of high speed 3G/4G data per month for $50, 2.5 GB high speed 3G/4G of data per month for $60, or unlimited high speed 3G/4G data for $70 per month. If you exceed the high speed allowance for a month, you will still have unlimited data on all the Simple Choice Plans but at lower data speeds.