Straight Talk

Editor Rating:
Most Attractive: Low cost plan on all the major networks and you can bring your own phone
Least Attractive: The unlimited data is only 2.5 GB of high speed data
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Plan Details:

  • Unlimited Cost: $41.25 per month for unlimited talk, text and data
  • 4G Compatible: Yes
  • Contract: No
  • How much data: 2.5 GB of high speed data per 30 day cycle. After 2.5 GB, your data speed will be reduced for the remainder of the 30 day cycle.
  • Underlying Carrier: Sprint Network; Verizon Network; AT&T Network; T-Mobile Network

Phone Details:

  • Bring your own device: Yes
  • Types of Phones: Android, Apple, Windows

Our Opinion:

Straight Talk is different than other discount carriers because it is not tied to one underlying network. If you go with Straight Talk, you could get any one of the four big carriers as your underlying carrier. It all depends on where you live and what company offers the best wholesale deal on Straight Talk in your region. That kind of guessing game is rather frustrating when you are trying to select a particular network which works best in your area. The pricing from Straight Talk makes up for it. It costs $45 per month for unlimited talk, text and data. You can cut the effective cost to $41.25 per month if you buy the $495 yearly plan. The fact they allow you to bring your own phone is awesome as well. They claim to be the discount carrier that is most compatible with phones brought from other companies. This would probably be our top pick if not for the limitations on unlimited data. All in all a very competitive plan.