Cell Phone Customer Support Numbers

Dealing with your cell phone provider’s customer service department can be extremely frustrating. Just finding the proper number to call can test your patience. With that in mind, SaveOnPhone.com offers the support numbers of the leading cell phone providers in the industry. In addition, we have offered some suggestions on how to speak to a live person, rather than an automated machine, as quickly as possible.


There are several AT&T customer support numbers, including:

  • General Customer Service: (800) 331-0500
  • Sales and Order Tracking: (888) 333-6651
  • International Support: +1 (916) 843-4685
  • Disability Resources – TTY: (866) 241-6567
  • Disability Resources – Voice: (866) 241-6568

Verizon Wireless

The most popular Verizon customer support numbers include:

  • General Customer Service: (800) 922-0204
  • Prepaid Customer Service: (888) 294-6804
  • Sales: (800) 256-4646

You may also access account information by texting these numbers:

  • Check balance: #BAL (#225)
  • Minutes used: #MIN (#646)
  • Make payment: #PMT (#768)
  • Data used: #DATA (#3282)
  • Upgrade Eligibility: #UPG (#874)


Here is a look at popular T-Mobile customer support numbers:

  • General Customer Service: (877) 453-1304
  • Sales: (800) 866-2453
  • TTY: (877) 296-1018

You may also text these short codes to find out basic account information:

  • Check balance: #BAL# (#225#)
  • Minutes used: #MIN# (#646#)
  • Messages use: #MSG# (#674#)


There are a few Sprint customer support numbers to choose from, including:

  • General Customer Service: (888) 211-4727
  • Sales: (866) 866-7509
  • Payments: Dial *3 from your Sprint phone

Cell Phone Manufacturer Support Numbers

Here are some customer support phone numbers for cell phone and smartphone manufacturers:

  • Apple: (800) 676-2775
  • HTC: (866) 449-8358
  • Samsung: (800) 726-7864
  • Motorola: (800) 653-5350
  • LG: (800) 243-0000
  • Blackberry: (877) 255-2377

How to Talk to a Live Agent

If you don’t want to sit through a series of never-ending automated questions, you can follow these steps to speed up your customer service phone call. These steps may not work for every phone number, but they do work for a majority of calls.

Push Button

  1. Get through the language selection option at the beginning, usually asking you to push “1” for English.
  2. Try hitting “0” in the next step. If it says that is not a valid option, select the one that best suits you or the one that says “other options.”
  3. Try pressing “0” again. This will usually direct you to an operator. If it brings you up to another menu, repeat step 2 until you get through to someone.


  1. Get through the language selection option, if there is one.
  2. When prompted to explain your issue, say “Operator,” “Agent,” or “Customer service.”
  3. If the phone tries to get you to “be more specific” so it can “direct you to the right department,” repeat the word you used in step 2. Do this as many times as you need until the automated system transfers you.

In either case, you will need to briefly explain your situation to the operator so that person can get you to the right department. You may be lucky enough to reach the right department immediately, but chances are, you will be put on hold until you can talk to the representative you need.

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