Are Cell Phone Cleaning Products Worth the Money?

According to new research from the University of Arizona, common cell phone cleaning products on the market may not be as effective as they claim. While many of them did a good job at removing bacteria from the phone’s surface, they didn’t do so as extensively as advertised.

A research team at the University of Arizona tested how much bacteria could be removed from a phone’s surface using well-known cleaning products on the market. The CleanWell disinfectant spray was the most effective, killing about 95.5% of the bacteria in the test. Other products like the portable UV disinfector and PhoneKleen wipes didn’t do as well, though they were able to reduce the amount of bacteria present on the phone.

Phones are very sensitive to liquid. In order to use a spray or even a very moist wipe, you must be sure to only get the liquid on the screen–not the speakers, headphone jack, etc. This can make the process of cleaning your phone a bit of a hassle.

The solution? According to the study, a plain old microfiber cloth. As long as the cloth is clean, it can be just as effective at removing bacteria as the products involved with this test. It even outperforms some of the solutions that cost $10-$20 to buy.

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