How To Lower A Verizon Cell Phone Bill

Is your Verizon Wireless bill higher than you think it should be? Do you need to cut back on your cell phone plan to save money? If so, there may be some simple adjustments you can make to decrease your monthly Verizon bill.

Switch To A Share Everything Plan

If you still have an old plan with Verizon, it might be time for an update. With the new share everything plan, you can get unlimited talk and unlimited text for every line on your account. You still have to pay for data, but you get to choose how much data you want. In the end, this should all add up to less than what you are currently paying for your minutes and text messages.

If you have unlimited data from an old plan that you never upgraded, you cannot keep that under the new system. You may also lose unlimited data if you use an upgrade to get a new phone. Most people do not use enough data on their phones to need an unlimited supply, but you need to think about this before switching plans. You will need to determine if the upgrade is worth the sacrifice.

Reduce Your Data Usage

One of the biggest contributing factors to your monthly phone bill is your data package. Contact Verizon Wireless and ask them to look up the average amount of data you use each month. Also have them look up the highest amount of data you have used in a single month. If your current plan provides much more data than what you need, you may be able to reduce the amount of data you purchase. This will do wonders for your bill.

If you currently use a lot of data, you might try reducing the amount you go through each month. Then you can adjust your plan accordingly. Use Wi-Fi as often as possible in place of phone data, and try not to spend too much time on apps that suck up a lot of data. The most notorious ones are apps like Pandora that let you listen to and download music on your phone.

Get a Basic Phone

You may want to consider getting a basic phone. Verizon does not have many of these phones to offer anymore, but they do still have some. Basic phones do not have access to apps and Internet like a smartphone. While you can technically get online with most of these phones, you cannot do so as easily as you would with a smartphone. Basic phones are not required to have data packages, which could save you up to $40 a month with Verizon. That’s nearly $500 a year.

In addition to the data savings you could get with a basic phone, you could save money on your insurance plan. Most people do not spend money on monthly insurance for basic phones because they are cheap to replace. This is an additional $8-$10 a month you can put in your pocket.

Get an International Plan (When Applicable)

If you spend a lot of time talking to people in other countries, it would be wise to invest in an international plan. This may cost you $5-$10 a month, but it will dramatically cut back the amount of money you spend per minute on the phone. The per minute rate varies by country, so you will need to talk to Verizon about the charges you will incur. For those who never make calls outside of the United States, this is not a necessary expense.

Don’t Get Lured in by Promotions

Verizon has great promotions throughout the year, but you must do your due diligence. For instance, you may get an offer to save $20 a month on your cell phone bill, but that savings will only last for 12 months. Then your bill may higher than what it is with the promotion, costing you more money in the long run. Ask about the long term effects of a promotion before signing up for it.

Consider Switching Carriers

If you are no longer under contract with Verizon, it may be time to compare rates with other carriers. As long as the carriers you are interested in offer the coverage you need, you might save money on your phone service.

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