Cardboard Box Turns a Smartphone into a Movie Projector

Have you ever watched a video on your smartphone and wished you could see it on a larger screen? The Smart Phone Projector enables you to do just that. This simple cardboard box costs under $30 to purchase, and can turn any smartphone into an at-home movie projector.

The device is designed to amplify the sound from your smartphone speakers while enlarging your video projection at the same time. The video that comes out can be displayed on any wall just like you would do with a regular movie projector.

There are no wires to hook up or lights to fiddle with. Everything happens inside the cardboard box. The box is made to look like a real movie projector, which creates a movie-going atmosphere when you use it.

Of course, the device is simple enough that you could make something similar on your own. There are a number of DIY smartphone projector guides on the market that only cost a few dollars to make, using mostly a cardboard box and a magnifying glass.

About Natalie Rutledge

Natalie Rutledge majored in Communications at Mississippi State University. She was in sales for a number of businesses and spent nine years working as a communications advisor. Natalie can be contacted at [email protected]