A Beer Glass That Prevents Drunk Texting

Sending texts while you are drinking can lead to embarrassing moments. A company in Brazil has invented a beer glass that has made it much harder for people to use their phones while they are out at a bar.

The Offline Glass has a notch cut out of the bottom that is about the width of an iPhone. The glass cannot stand up on its own without that phone wedged underneath it. This effectively keeps a person from sending text messages while they are enjoying a beer because the phone stays underneath the beer. If the person goes to grab the phone, the beer glass topples over.

Of course, there are easy ways to get past the “security” of this glass. Use a couple coasters to hold up the notched side of the beer glass, and you’re free to use your phone.

This product was developed by the advertising agency Fischer & Friends and is not currently being sold to the public—it is only available at Bar Salve Jorge in Sao Paolo. But the glass creation is getting enough hype that other companies may very well produce a similar product in the near future. If you get a funky looking glass the next time you go to the bar, now you will know why.

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