Battery Life Is a Smartphone’s Biggest Drawback

According to a new survey, most people consider short battery life as their phone’s biggest shortcoming.

The survey asked more than 2,000 Scientific American readers to describe their experiences with their phones. The top complaint by an overwhelming margin was the phone’s battery life.

Other complaints included small keyboards, high costs, poor camera quality and low durability.

Although users do have a number of complaints about their devices, they still get great use out of them.

More than 65% of respondents said their smartphones have replaced their iPod, mp3 player and GPS device. 61% said the device has replaced their landline phones.

More than 50% said they no longer use a digital camera because of their phones, even though poor camera quality was among the chief complaints.

Another surprising statistic from the survey showed nearly 45% of people have cut their computer use in half because of their smartphones. A combined 67% said they have either completely replaced their flashlight usage because of their smartphones or cut their use in half.

The two areas that saw the least amount of change were in the use of televisions and e-readers. 79% of respondents said their phones have hardly affected their TV use, and 53% said the same about e-readers.

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