Apple Patents New Camera for Smartphones

Apple has patented a new digital camera for smartphones that could significantly improve color recognition in dimly lit rooms. The new camera has a special light splitter that is able to pick up red, blue and green waves over three separate sensors, rather than one single sensor like the current models.

Apple Insider provides a detailed overview of the technology that goes into the new camera, but in essence, it uses a cube of prisms to pick up on different color spectrums and improve the accuracy of photos captured with the camera. Apple is already ahead of many other smartphone providers when it comes to picture quality, but this new design could give them a greater competitive edge.

It is unknown if Apple plans to apply the patented technology to its next generation of iPhones. The iPhone 6 is relatively new to the market, but Apple fans are already anxious to upgrade their devices. Samsung’s waterproof camera in the latest Galaxy models was considered game-changer by many in the industry, and this light splitting camera could be that for Apple.

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