New Apple iDroid Case Inspired by Metal Gear Solid V

Fans of the video game Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero have a new way to show their dedication. The new iDroid case from Sentinel lets users convert their iPhones into communication devices that look just like the ones in the game.

The iDroid case features a working flashlight and a detachable antenna that doubles as a stylus. There is a large button that allows users to turn the volume on or off. While the actual designs for the buttons may be different in the game, this case still lets users feel like they are in it in real life.

The case is compatible with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. One of the most unique aspects of it is the fact that it can be synced up to the actual game, which is available for PS3, PS$, Xbox and Xbox One. The case is expected to cost about $73 when it is introduced. It is scheduled for release in Japan in October. There is no information on a North American release at this time.

Sentinel is trying to find new ways to attract fans of the virtual world. The company is also working on a case that mimics sword grips from the manga series Attack on Titan.

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