New App Jink Allows for Easy Location-Sharing

Jink is a new iOS and Android app that allows users to easily share their location with friends and family. The free app is primarily designed for people looking to meet up with one another. It helps you see where the other person is so you can be in the right location.

The app was developed by Greenhouse Apps and will be the latest competitor in the location-sharing world. Apps like Glympse, Nearby Friends, Find My Friends and Swarm have already saturated the market, but Jink differentiates itself with its simplicity and attention to detail.

The developers behind Jink wanted to make it as easy to use as texting or calling someone. Once you have signed up for an account, you can give it access to your contacts or enter people’s numbers every time you use it.

On the Jink map, there is a geotag for both you and the other person. You don’t need to enter a location; the app will do that for you. You can watch as the other person’s tag moves across the screen, and you can message each other in the same window. The messages overlay the map.

Once you have met up with the other person using Jink, your device will shut down to preserve both your battery life and your privacy. This is one of the biggest factors that separates Jink from other similar apps.

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